Wednesday, February 25, 2004


I'm getting mentally fired up for the South by Southwest Music Festival, which is less than a month away. Since I started covering the state Legislature in 2001, I've only been able to attend during even-numbered years -- the years with 30-day instead of 60-day sessions.

As far as the music goes I'm most looking forward to seeing Little Richard, The Mekons and The Flatlanders. I've seen the latter two bands, but I've never seen The Georgia Peach before. He's also the keynote speaker, which I'm sure will be worth getting up early to see.

Santa Fe's Mary & Mars also is on this year's line-up. Big tme!

And I always get a kick out of the names of the hundreds of obscure bands I've never heard of. Here's a few:

The Baby Robots
Kill Me Tomorrow
The Crack Pipes
Buttless Chaps
Killers For Hire
Faceless Werewolves
Learning From Las Vegas
Suicide Girls Burlesque Act
Yuppie Pricks
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (OK, I've heard of them. Still a cool name though)

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