Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I'm not the only Santa Fe contributor to the Freeform American Roots (FAR) radio chart any more. I'm joined by Kathleen Brandon, musical director and co-owner (with her husband Steve Bumpous) of the new KWRP, 101.5.

Kathleen plays a mix of alt country, bluegrass, blues, southern rock and other music that made America great. (Except late night when they switch to classic rock, for reasons of which I'm not quite certain.)

I just checked out their web site and within the past few minutes they've played:
The Resentments - Rich Man's War
Tres Chicas - In a While
Robinella & The C C Stringband - Man Over
Reckless Kelly - Baby's Got a Whole Lot More
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Watching The Detectives

Give them a listen. (But not during my shows!)

By the way, other New Mexico FAR reporters include Steve Scott & Denise DeLeon whose show The Real Deal is aired Saturdays on KFUN in Las Vegas and Tom Funk of KGLP in Gallup whose Green Chile Revival & Medicine Show airs Saturday afternoons. And though El Paso officially is in Texas, we in New Mexico know different, so I should include Dan Alloway of KTEP. I've actually appeared on his Saturday night show, Folk Fury.

I just wish Carl, Barry and Marilyn of KUNM's Home of Happy Feet -- a true inspiration of my Santa Fe Opry -- would hook up with FAR.

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