Tuesday, February 28, 2006


No, this blog isn't turning into a classified ads section.

But a friend of mine Bill Simoneau -- a New Mexico rock 'n' roll behind-the-scenes guy who's worked as stage manager at the Thirsty Ear Festival and sound man for Al Hurricane -- has some pretty interesting equipment he's trying to sell. In Bill's own words:

"These four Altec 612a studio monitor speakers were in the Norman Petty Studios, in Clovis, New Mexico, from the 1950s through the early 1970s, when Petty upgraded all his equipment. They were used by artists such as Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings, Buddy Knox, The Fireballs and other artists who recorded at Petty's studio. They are in super condition. After Petty sold them, they were used in an Albuquerque studio for about 10 years and have been in storage since.

Lots of documentation will be included with these speakers, including:

correspondence letters from Petty, photos, canceled checks and loan papers from the party who originally purchased them from Petty, a Clovis newspaper article that discusses the sale, and more.

Will sell as a unit of four or in pairs of two.

Also selling Petty's Scully professional tape recorder from the same era.


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