Monday, March 26, 2007


My friend DJ Spinifex (I call him "Dave") from KSFR's The Twisted Groove sent me this link to a story of one music fan's frustrations with buying music downloads with weird "protections."

Long story short, the poor boob spent 10 bucks on a bunch of songs that are purposely set up not to be allowed to be played on an iPod.

Here's part of a conversation by the author with a record company "customer service" agent:

"Well" she responded, "You didn't actually purchase the files, you really purchased a license to listen to the music, and the license is very specific about how they can be played or listened to."

That's how these people think!

Read the story HERE

WACKY WEDNESDAY: A Musical Tribute to Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof, brothel owner / GOP legislative speaks at a campaign rally hours before he died. That's porn star Ron Jeremy backing him...