Monday, September 15, 2008


So this guy, Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, says he's Jesus and has his followers tattoo themselves with "666." Haven't I read about this somewhere before?

These folks keep sending me their press releases. Here's the latest:

Mexican Natives Get Marked With 666

CHIAPAS, MEXICO - More than 600 natives from Chiapas, Mexico, including young children and adults alike, proudly tatooed themselves with the 666 and SSS on their bodies as a sign of love for Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus who is the man Christ Jesus here on Earth.

Their shocking video speaks for itself: (I'll be a nice guy and just embed this )

The world is awakening to the fact that God is amongst us and they are honoring the number of His name: 666. Investigate:

Media Contacts:

Mexico: Donaldo Flores Tel. (00521) 55 39274916
International: Axel Poessy Tel. (718) 713-8075

The Government of God on Earth:

Ministerio Internacional Creciendo en Gracia
World Headquarters - 8000 NW 25 ST. Miami, FL 33122
Tel: (305) 994-9194 Fax: (305) 994-9195

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