Thursday, January 01, 2009


Here's some World Beat not for World-Beat Weenies. I've collected some bitchen tunes from all over the globe in my first podcast of 2009. This is the kind of stuff I play when I substitute for Susan Ohori on her Beyond Borders (which airs 9- p.m. to midnight Mondays on KSFR

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Here's the playlist:

(Background Music) Babalou Music by Desi Arnaz (Cuba/USA)
I Want a Break Thru by The Hykers (Nigeria)
Not a Crime by Gogol Bordello (USA/Ukraine)
Haisai Ojisan (Hey Man!) By Shoukichi Kina (Japan)
Uptown Bollywood Nights by Kalyanji & Anandji Shah (India)
Jeffe de Jeffes by Los Tigres del Norte (Mexico)

(Background Music) Halovani by Cankisou (Czech Republic)
Paper Flowers by Zvuki Mu (USSR)
New Year's Eve by Dengue Fever (USA/Cambodia)
Hasabé by Mesfin Ayalèw (Ethiopia)
Marriana by Kult (Poland)

(Background Music) God Save the Queen by Opium Jukebox (England)
Al Capone by Los Savajes (Spain)
Into the Go-Go Groove by Little Gerhard (Sweden)
Please Tell Me by The Free Beats (Papua New Guinea)

(Background Music) Siki Siki Baba by Kocani Orkestar (Romania)
Shame Shame Shame by The Nightlosers (Romania)
Whiskey Headed Woman Number 3 by Istanbul Blues Kumpanyasi (Turkey)
Nang Meaw Pee (The Ghost Of Catwoman) by Surapon alias The Fox (Thailand)
(Background Music) I Bid You Goodnight by Joseph Spence (The Bahamas)

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