Monday, March 09, 2009


As I've said before, I'm from Santa Fe where it's not what you know. It's not even who you know. it's who you're related to.

So indulge me in devoting a little blog space to a real cool project my brother, Jack Clift, did with John Carter Cash (son of Johnny & June.) Pale Imperfect Diamond by The Cedar Hill Refugees is a fusion of music from Uzbekistan -- specifically Jack's Uzbek band Jadoo -- and country music from the American south. Performing on the album are greats like Ralph Stanley, Marty Stuart, John Cowan, The Peasall Sisters and more. Here's a video about the project:

OUTTAGEAR in your dadgum ear!
For more info go HERE.

Meanwhile, my son Anton and his band OuttaGear, which grew up in my garage, just recorded a bunch of original songs. You can find three of them HERE.

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