Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Manby's Head, that Taos garage band I've been playing a lot on Terrell's Sound World lately, will be playing with the ever delightful Monkeyshines on Sunday April 25 down under in The Underground (the basement of Evangelos).

They were previously booked to play the week before, but a scheduling conflict caused it to be postponed. (I had announced the original date on last week's Sound World, gentle listeners, so I'm correcting that.)

Come to think of it, I played both bands on my most recent episode of The Big Enchilada.
27 Devils Shirt
Another groovy gig coming up is next Wednesday, April 14, when 27 Devils Joking plays with a San Francisco band called Triple Cobra at Corazon.

UPDATE: Looks like the cover for both shows is a mere $5. Be there!

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