Tuesday, April 06, 2010


When you discover that you're a Collector's Item.

When fooling around Amazon.com a few minutes ago, I discovered they're not only selling digital copies of songs from my CD Picnic Time For Potatoheads And Best Loved Songs from Pandemonium Jukebox), but some stray copies of the CD as well.

What really surprised me was that some outfit down in Florida has a copy going for $69.24!


And yes, that's the CD from the '90s, not the 1981 LP, which I guess might be considered a collector's item.

Another seller, offering the Potatoheads CD for a mere $29.98, has a note saying that the CD is "out of print" and that it's a "Canada Import." Neither is true. I still have an embarrassing number of CDs here at home, so it's still "in print.". As for the other claim, the company I used to manufacture the CD was from Canada, so there's a "Made in Canada" sticker.

I''m flattered to know that anyone would think Potatoheads is worth $69.24. But if you really want the darn thing, you can find it for a lot cheaper over at CD Baby .

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