Thursday, July 22, 2010


David Barsanti, aka Spinifex of KSFR's The Twisted Groove just informed me of an upcoming show that's bound to be one of the finest Santa Fe shows of the year.

The Budos Band is coming to Corazon on Thursday August 19th.

Budos is a 13-piece group from New York that plays right along the border of American soul and African pop. They're on Daptone Records, so that right there tells you they're going to be good.

Spinifiex his bad self will be DJing before and after The Budos Band that night.

You can buy the tickets HERE ($10. Cheap)

And speaking of soul, start preparing your mind for the great Barrence Whitfield, who's coming to the Santa Fe Brewing Company Pub & Grill on Friday, Sept. 17. You'll hear more rants from me about that one in the weeks to come.

Here's a little Budos for ya...

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