Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As in 78 rpm.
Valise Phonographe ODEON 1932 Vadasz
According to the L.A. Times:

Elvis Costello’s forthcoming album, “National Ransom,” mines a century’s worth of pop music history in both the characters, scenarios and themes in his songs, and in the atmospheric sound that producer T Bone Burnett has given the record.

So it makes perfect sense that Costello, a voracious fan of music of all styles, would want to add a vintage touch of some kind in conjunction with the album’s release come Nov. 2.

Vinyl LP version? Everyone’s doing that nowadays, so Costello is going one step beyond: He’s releasing four songs on a pair of 78 rpm discs.

Well if that ain't quaint. I think I'll just hitch up the horse and buggy and go see if they're selling it at the local dry goods store.

(Photo of Odeon 1932 Vadasz by Daniel Hennemand)

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