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Fe fe, fi fi, fo fo fum, it's a Monster's Holiday! Halloween is here again and it's the second anniversary of The Big Enchilada! Sit back with a cold glass of your favorite blood type and enjoy the ghoulish sounds of Stud Cole, Roky Erikson, Johnny Dowd, Deadbolt, The Monsters, The Fuzztones, The Scrams, Electricoolade, The Electric Mess, The Hydeouts, Marshmallow Overcoat and so many more. Rock your rockin' bones!

Play it here:


Here's the playlist

(Background Music: Zombie by The Big Guys)
You've Become a Witch by The Electric Mess
Monster's Holiday by The Plainsmen
Creeps at Night by The Hydeouts
Voodoo Moonshine by Deadbolt
The Witch by Stud Cole
La Llorona by The Scrams 
Witchcraft in the Air by Bettye LaVette

(Background Music: Spooks-a-Poppin' Theme by The A-Bones)
Don't Shake Me Lucifer by Roky Erickson & The Resurectionists 
I'm the Wolfman by The Fuzztones
Coffin Nails by Coffin Nails
The Zombie Stomp by Danny Ware
Breathing With the Dead by Organs
I Got the Creeps by Big John Bates
Frankenstein Meets The Beatles by Dickie Goodman

(Background Music: Zombie March by Dirtbag Surfers )
Spookie Boogie by Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers
Werewolf Dynamite by Kim Fowley
Zombiefied  by Electricoolade
13 Ghosts by Marshmallow Overcoat
I Was a Teenage Werewolf by The Monsters
Demons and Goats by Johnny Dowd

Want More Spooky Tunes?

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