Monday, July 07, 2014

Carrasco Plays the Plaza on Wednesday

It's been two years since Joe "King" Carrasco played the Santa Fe Bandstand.

Friend, that's too long.

He'll be playing his crazy Nuevo Wavo music 7:15 pm Wednesday night on the Plaza. And like all Bandstand shows, it's free. (Or as I say on my public radio shows: "If you pay a penny, you've paid too much."

You haven't heard of Joe "King"? Check out my review of his album Que Wow HERE

And here's a video from .his 2012 Bandstand show:

And here's one recorded in Houston about a week before, a version of Question Mark & The Mysterians' classic "96 Tears":

And speaking of bandstand, if you're down on the Plaza at noon today, check out J. Michael Combs, king of the buskers.

He'll be playing "old new Mexican marchas, cutilios, cuadrillas chotises y polkas; old Texas Blues, Quebecois Reels & Jigs, Gospel & Honky-Tonk, Labor & Union Songs, Folk and Protest songs, a song of the Sea, an Appalachian murder ballad or a 500-year-old maiden’s lament."

As Michael says, "My repertoire is a mile wide and an inch deep."

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