Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY:Attack of the Singing Clowns

Feeling low? Nothing like a singing clown to wipe away your blues.

Unless, of course your sad mood is caused by coulrophobia ...

So without further ado, let's send in the singing clowns.

This first one was an actual TV ad in Argentina a few years ago:

I'm not sure where this video was shot. But I like the title: "Crazy, Hilarious, Funny, Singing Clowns Playing Banjo and Accordion"

These merry fellows are having fun backstage, apparently after a performance of Slava's Snow Show, a theatrical production created in the 90s by Slava Polunin, a Russian clown artist.

And here's Puddles Pity Party singing a Crazy, Hilarious, Funny Big Top favorite

(Puddles actually is better known for this hit )

So if you need more music to awaken your inner Bozo, check out this classic Big Enchlada episode;

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