Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Rock the White House

Tired of all those usual politicians running for presidents?

Do you find yourself wishing that the current crop of candidates just had a little more rock 'n' roll in them?

Well here's a look back at some campaigns that never were -- but maybe should have been -- involving rock stars who in reality chose not to run.

I mean really, Lou Monte, why would a King run for president?

The Young World Singers back in 1964 didn't care that Richard Starkey, as a British citizen, could not serve as president.

Back in 2008 a DJ called DJ Kool Kid mashed up some Marvin Gaye and created a campaign theme for Snoop Dogg.

There have been several attempts to draft Willie Nelson for a White House run. Here's a 2012 effort by the Peter Dawson Band

I've seen this somewhere before ...


And so am I.  Therefore Wacky Wednesday and Throwback Thursday won't be appearing here this week or next. I have a Terrell...