Wednesday, July 13, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Just Some Songs for Some Strippers

This week for Wacky Wednesday I'm just posting a bunch of songs for strippers.

Let's start with one my Mom taught me as a kid.


Actually she just sang the first verse of this saga of Queenie, the cutie of the burlesque show. I thought it was hilarious and she did too.

(That's one of two songs I remember my mom teaching me. The other was a parody making fun of Mary Margaret Truman. ("She lives up in the White House with her father, Harry S") It was sung to to the tune of "The Missouri Waltz.")

A couple of weeks before Mom died, I played her this YouTube of "Strip Polka" on my iPhone, in her nursing home.

She wasn't completely conscious, but she smiled. The nurses thought I was crazy. But it meant something to us. Here's that song ...

This next one was a huge Top 40 radio hit in the early '60s. Probably because it didn't have any lyrics. But oh what pictures it put in my dirty little grade-school mind!

This one's a David Bromberg original about a supernatural carnival "coochie" dancer.

Here is one of the songs that made me love Doug Kershaw.

Here's a live 1977 rendition of Tom Waits' "Pasties and a G String" (with a little West Side Story and "Hernando's Hideaway" thrown in at the end.)

Finally, here is my own contribution to the genre


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