Wednesday, July 06, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Late, but Don't Judge Me!

This is the latest in the day that I've ever posted a Wacky Wednesday.

Besides battling some bug (I got eight hours of sleep last night!) I've also been commuting to Albuquerque to cover legal proceedings, so I just couldn't do it this morning.

I was going to try to post this from the courthouse during the lunch break today.

But the public wi-fi there does not allow users to access any fun sites like Youtube or Blogspot -- both of which I need to do this work.

But enough of my sniveling excuses. Here's a Wacky Wednesday musical tribute to the American legal system.

Starting with Pigmeat Markham, of course:

Here's Wynonie Harris

Here's a classic from Moby Grape. [Disclaimer: this song does not reflect my personal feelings toward any of the many wise and hard-working men and women I know who have served on the bench.]

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