Monday, December 29, 2003

New (and old) NO DEPRESSION

My review of the Rhino Handmade reissue of Judee Sill's Heart Food is in the January issue of NO DEPRESSION magazine, issue #49 with the cover story on T-Bone Burnett. You Santa Fe folks usually can find this magazine -- a journal of alternative country music, whatever that is -- at Borders. ND also has a website.

My late lamented website used to have links to some of my stories and reviews archived on the No Depression site. Here's a few of those:

A 1999 Terry Allen profile
A 1998 Junior Brown/Last Mile Ramblers show
A 1997 story on Native American music
A review of a Dr. West's Medicine Show & Junk Band compilation. (A big influence from my junior high years!)
A review of a Legendary Stardust Cowboy live CD

I still have most my old web pages in my computer. If there's anything you miss and would like me to repost here, e-mail me. (Sorry, can't do the infamous Dancing Potatoheads.)

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