Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Polka Karma

Boy twice in one day! Only hours after getting the e-mail about my missing Rolf Cahn story (see post immediately below), I get one from Barry "Nos" Sher, a webmaster who used to link with an old review I'd written about some cool polka and klezmer CDs a couple of years ago.

I guess it's great to be missed. Thank you Dreamwater ....

So I sent Barry the text of review and gave him permission to post it on his site.

And he did. You can find it on his polka page. (Here's the direct link to my polka review.)

The rest of Barry's site is fun too, especially his visionary Sam the Sham (!) section. As a wise man once sang, "Only two things for which I give a damn, that's reincarnation and Sam the Sham."

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