Sunday, July 04, 2004

Strange Conversation

I had a very weird little exchange with Gov. Bill Richardson following a press conference Friday. I'm not sure what it means. Probably just a misunderstanding? Who knows? And it's true, he was trying to be nice, and I ended up being a smart ass. But I thought it was kind of funny.

Richardson: I read your music column today. You didn't like that guy, huh?

Me: No, I liked everyone I wrote about today. {Graham Parker, etc.}

Richardson: Well maybe it was last week.

Me: No, I think I wrote about Ray Charles last week. {Note: I was mistaken. Actually I wrote about Ray Charles two weeks ago}

Richardson: How's Ray Charles doing?

Me: Oh, he's still dead.

{Unfortunately this conversation wasn't taped. But I wrote it down immediately when I got back to my office in the Capitol after the press conference while it was still fresh in my head.}

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