Saturday, July 17, 2004


Just got back from Denver and I noticed Curtis' reply to my previous Denver post, in which he plugged KCUV radio, an "Americana" station there.
Luckily I discovered it on my own a couple of days ago. (Actually there was an ad in Denver's print edition of The Onion. ) Curtis is right. It's a great little station. I hadn't heard AM radio sound so good since the legendary Jello Fellows practiced their after-hours subversion on KVSF here in Santa Fe 30-plus years ago.
KCUV's definition of "Americana" is pretty broad. You hear a fair amount of blues -- John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Albert King -- as well as soul (Al Green! Ray Charles!) and founding-fathers rock 'n' roll (Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis) . They'll even throw in some rootsy classic rock. This morning they played some early Steve Miller that didn't suck.
I was really sad when the station started to fade right before I got to Colorado Springs. They'd just played Los Lobos' "Matter of Time" (original version, thank you) and had just started Asleep at The Wheel's "The Letter That Johnny Walker Read."

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