Monday, December 06, 2004


There's no truth to those ugly rumors that Santa Fe songwriter, filmaker, humorist and Sultan of Shameless Self Promotion Jim Terr is actually my brother but he changed his name because he was embarassed to be associated with me. (That would be my real brother Jack, who changed his name from Terrell to Clift.)

But whoever this Jim Terr guy is, he's got a couple of cool events tonight and tomorrow. I'll just cut and paste his e-mail here:

Tonight at 7 pm at Page One Books in Albuquerque (11018 Montgomery NE) will be the release party for my DVD, Five Frightfully Fine Videos (see review below, and see 12-minute clip at, if you can).

...And Tuesday night in Santa Fe, 7 pm, at St. Bede's Episcopal Church, San Mateo & St. Francis (SE corner).

No doubt some of the interviewees and other project participants will attend, and I hope to see you there. At the Santa Fe event ONLY, you can purchase a copy of the DVD for $20 (half price), which will be used to retire some of the still-outstanding costs of the project.

You can hear an interview about the project, hopefully, on KUNM News (89.9 FM) tonight, Monday, sometime between 5 and 5:30 p.m.

Also, tomorrow (Tuesday) through Thursday, a great British video site,, will be celebrating "Jim Terr Day" with thirteen of my short films. They're actually up there on the site already, but Tuesday through Thursday they'll be listing them all, and running a funny promo spot about it from BuDDy. (Excruciating details at

(from Santa Fe Reporter, December 1 issue):


The only acclaim most educational videos receive are groans and yawns from an ungrateful audience., but Santa Fe producer Jim Terr has assembled a DVD of videos on subjects as diverse as driving safety, World War II and teen reading that's been praised across the nation. The DVD will be distributed to schools and libraries across New Mexico and Hawaii.

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