Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Joe Monahan today writes about Gov. Bill Richardson's recent blasts at the bloggers.

He's talking about recent Richardson speeches that have criticized some unspecified blogs for inaccuracies.

It should be noted that the governor gave these speeches before a new local blog launched. I'm sure that whatever irked the gov about the blogs he'd read was mild compared with Fat Bill and Me.

Fat Bill, which debuted Monday, is the creation of John Coventry, a longtime (20 years? 25 years?) City Hall agitator and frequent, if no longer perennial, City Council candidate. (He told me the other day he's considering a run for mayor next year.)

Richardson is the main target of the blog, which seems to be a natural extension of Coventry's ire-inspiring comments on The New Mexican's Web site in recent months.

It's outrageous. It's obscene. It's probably libelous.

But it's pure Coventry, which means it's kind of fun in a twisted way -- unless you're the target of one of his rants.

Which I have been in the past. About 20 years ago he threatened to punch me in the nose because I called him a "gadfly" in print. I told him I could have chosen another annoying insect.

Then back during the whole Clinton sex scandal, Coventry had a gig with former Municipal Judge Tom Fiorina's old radio show on KTRC (or was it KVSF?) as a roving "reporter." One day during the show, Coventry was at The New Mexican fielding live ambush "interviews" with reporters and editors. He stuck a cell phone in my face and barked, "Steve Terrell, how much perverted sex do you have?"

I could only answer honestly. "Not nearly enough," I told Coventry and his radio audience.

For the record, I'm not the "journeyman reporter" quoted in Fat Bill who warned Coventry about the governor's state police detail. I know most those officers and while they are very serious about their duty, I wouldn't describe any of them as humorless.

My advice to Richardson and anyone else who gets the treatment on Coventry's little corner of cyber space: If working on his blog makes him miss just one City Council meeting, it's all worth it.

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