Thursday, May 26, 2005


When a member of the state press asks Gov. Bill Richardson about his intentions in 2008 he'll usually laugh and roll his eyes and act like this is something we're making up.

However, Richardson's ambitions are obvious to the national media as well. Check out today's edition of ABC News' The Note

Six things that are known:

1. What George F. Will thinks of the Democrats, the filibuster deal, and Harry Reid.

2. What Paul Gigot thinks of ethanol.

3. How badly Bill Richardson wants to be president. (Emphasis mine)

4. How high Sen. Grassley's frustration level is over Social Security.

5. How Michael Whouley reacted when Carlos Watson named him one of the five possible "next Karl Roves" on CNN.

6. How quickly the RNC will put out a press release on what Bob Rubin said yesterday to the House Democratic caucus.

The only other reference to the gov in today's Note is a link to a New Hampshire Union Leader story that mentions his upcoming trip to New Hampshire, which, if you believe the governor's office, has nothing to do with the 2008 New Hampshire primary.

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