Thursday, May 05, 2005


There's a new New Mexico political blogger -- Tom Bailey, a self described "post college grad in ABQ w/o a job who's interested, check that, sometimes obsessed with politics."

He's got a real interesting post today about the general manager of KOB TV making campaign contributions to Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici.

I put a permanent link to Bailey's site on the right side of this blog.

Tom's a lefty. I also link to home-grown right-wing blogs. Keep the debate nice and loud. I'm a reporter, not a partisan.

Speaking of right-leaning blogs, I was going to update my link to Rep. Greg Payne's blog -- he's got a new address. But then I noticed Payne's blog wasn't there in my link section. Ooops! My oversight. It's there now.

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