Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Julia Goldberg sent me this meme.

I think the idea is to list 12 true confessions.

1) I confess that I'm not going to get too personal and revealing on this damned thing.

2) I confess that I was going to watch Ted Koppel's last night on Nightline instead of doing this, but it looked too depressing, so here I am.

3) I confess that 42 years today I was disappointed that the regular Friday night wrestling at Stockyards Coliseum in Oklahoma City -- where I spent most Friday nights during the mid '60s -- was cancelled because of the Kennedy assassination.

4) I confess that I watched the resignation of President Nixon on a black-and-white tv in the projection booth of the Master Adult Theater, where I worked during part of the summer of '74. I also confess that I was hurt and confused when the audience at the Master Adult Theater booed me when I stopped the movie to tell them about this historic event.

5) I confess that one time in college I participated in a "Pig Night" contest at the Bird of Paradise Lounge. Fortunately I lost.

6) I confess that I don't know what "Diddy Wah Diddy" means.

7) I confess that I drank well over my share of the world's liquor supply up until my late '40s. I stopped because of diabetes.

8) I confess that while I generally distain paranoia about technology, deep in my heart, I do believe that those automatic scanner machines at supermarkets are the work of Satan. One day those damned things are going to completely take the jobs of working humans -- plus they always screw up on me causing much frustration.

9) I confess that robots are stealing my luggage. (OK, I borrowed that from Steve Martin.)

10) I confess that I don't really care that much for sports -- except politics and roller derby.

11) I confess that my anger at Greg Pleshaw faded years ago, despite his bizarre phone call to my brother ... though I still wouldn't want to take a long trip with the twisted little fucker.

12) I confess that I was the one who accidently tripped on an electrical cord backstage at a Santa Fe High School talent show in the spring of '71, causing an abrupt halt to the band (I forgot their name!) that was playing a pretty rocking version of "All Along the Watchtower."

I'm sending this on to Jeff, Walt, Marlee, Ed and Paige.


  1. Hey Steve...

    Check out this band. They rock live - they're from Albuquerque. Almost "old-fashioned" grunge - they sound like the Smashing Pumpkins, honestly:


  2. ps: I'm sorry to hear about your diabetes. I suspect that makes a beer out of the question - however, perhaps we rekindle over coffee someday?


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