Friday, November 25, 2005


The Bill Richardson baseball revelations begin to reverberate.

First I get this email from a friend:
I did some heavy internet research on the gov's putative baseball career. I found that it wasn't the KC Athletics that drafted him in 1966, it was the Bad News Bears! (Matthau nixed the deal when O'Neal agreed to pitch.)
Then I get this startling confession from state Sen. Rod Adair, R-Roswell in the form of a press release:
State Senator Rod Adair today admitted he had no proof he had actually been drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1973.

"I thought a friend of mine told me I might have been, so I put two and two together and assumed the best," said Adair, "I mean, what would you have done, what would anyone in my position have done?" Adair was 0-1 for the Gary Moseley Furniture Cubs of the Roswell Connie Mack League in 1972, having made two appearances, one in relief and one as a starter. He had an Earned Run Average of 8.31 in 4 1/3 innings of work.

Previous press releases have mentioned that Adair had been "drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1973." Adair said, "Today is the first I've heard that it never happened. I'm as shocked as the next guy. I do think we should probably have legislation that states that Major League Baseball must announce draft choices, go on record about it, put it in the papers and stuff like that. I mean what happened to me should never happen to anyone, going around being misled all this time. We really should clean this up for all future ballplayers."

Adair's media relations spokesperson, Teresa Davis-McKee, made it clear Adair would seek no damages, and take no action against MLB, Inc. or the Chicago White Sox Baseball Club, Inc. "He's really a very forgiving kind of guy, and he understands how these things happen. He's ready to move on with his life and he has no hard feelings toward the Sox," McKee said.
I dunno. This one could go into extra innings. It's starting to pick up some steam nationally. Here's some pretty scathing commentary: CLICK HERE

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