Friday, May 18, 2007


Rock 'n' roll founding father and former New Mexico resident Bo Diddley is recovering in Omaha, Nebraska from a stroke.

Here's a news story about it: CLICK HERE

This photo was taken back in 1985 in the lobby of the mayor's office in Santa Fe. I interviewed Bo for the Albuquerque Journal to preview a show at Club West. We talked about his years in the state during the 1970s. For awhile he was a member of the Valencia County Sheriff's Reserves and actually arrested a drunk driver, who he said had mouthed off to him.

You'd have to be drunk to give Deputy Diddley any lip!

Bo said he left New Mexico because "money got funny," but he came back in the late '80s to live south of Albuquerque for a few years.

At my goading, back in '85 , Mayor Louie Montano made Bo an honorary citizen of Santa Fe.

Get well Bo!

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