Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The music in Heaven just got better this week.

Laura Ellen Hopper of KPIG Radio in Watsonville, Calif. died Monday. You can read her obit HERE.

I didn't know her well. Never met her face-to-face. But I recall how nice to me she was when my CD came out back in 1996. She not only put it on the KPIG play list for awhile, but she wrote a letter of recommendation to another station for me. And she told me not to get discouraged by stations that weren't cool enough to play the type of stuff we like.

Most importantly, I admired her work. KPIG is one of the cooler commercial stations on the face of the planet. And before she created KPIG, she co-founded KFAT, which had to be the coolest station in the Universe.

Laura Ellen will be missed.

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