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As always, the two Johns & band provided a fun show, even though we missed the first couple of songs. For some reason I thought the show started at 7. Imagine my panic at about 6:30 p.m. when I looked at my tickets and discovered the show started at 6. (Yes, despite my job as a music columnist, I actually buy tickets for most shows I'm not covering. So no, I can't get you on "the list" for upcoming shows) "Not to worry," I told my son. "There's an opening act."

Guess again. Walking up to the Brewing Company we heard the distinct sounds of "Put a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul."

Oh well. We missed less than my daughter and I did at the George Jones show a couple of years ago when I missed the turn off to Isletta Pueblo. The one time George starts a show on time, and I was late!

But like I say, the Giants were fun, even though I bet that's the last outside show at the Brewing Company this year. Starting to get chilly.

I think my favorite tune last night was "Particle Man," mainly because they tack on the chorus of the weird old Bob Lind folk-rock hit "Bright Elusive Butterfly of Love" at the end of the tune. Was I the only one in the audience old enough to remember that tune?

They also did a great version of "Istanbul" with a delightfully strange organ solo by John L. and an impressive classical guitar intro by Dan Miller. And I was happy to hear a complete version of "Fingertips" including a nice extended overwrought "Darkened Corridors." These days I'm mainly used to "Fingertips" in its various 20-second or so segments popping up in inaappropriate times on my iPod shuffle mode.

I'm not satisfied with the photos I got, but you can see a few of them HERE.

Turns out I could have made it the station on time for my show, but since Noah was already planning to sub (thanks Noah!) I just let him do it.

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