Sunday, January 06, 2008


Is there a secret Gravel surge in the works?
Believe it or not, Manchester is a lot warmer than Iowa was, at least the frst couple of days I was in Iowa.

You can find my story about Richardson's chances in the New Hampshire primary HERE. I saw him up in Concord yesterday morning and I must say the speech he gave there was one of the best I've heard him give in any of his campaigns. I can't help but think his standing in the race would have been a lot better at this point had Richardson's speeches and debate appearances been as good as his talk in Concord.
Speaking of debates, my analysis of last night's debate on ABC can be found HERE .

Basically, Richardson didn't do a bad job in this debate -- when he was able to squeeze in the discussion. But for much of the debate he was the fifth wheel in the "final four" debate.

And I suppose if he were a front-runner there would have been more attention paid to Richardson saying he would negotiate with "The Soviet Union" if he's elected.

Check out my snapshots HERE. (Keep clicking at the bottom of that page and you'll find pictures I took here last summer.)

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