Wednesday, February 20, 2008


In Wednesday's New Mexican I had a story about Carol Miller making an independent run for Congress in Congressional District 3. (The headline incorrectly says it's her second run. But if you read the story itself you'll realize it's her third race. Remember, gentle readers, reporters don't write the headlines.)

You'll find that HERE.

I also did a story about two of the state's Democratic "superdelegates" getting campaign contributions from presidential candidates, whose fate they might decide this summer. Spoiler alert: Gov. Bill Richardson got $5,000 from Hillary Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton got $4,200 from Barack Obama. That story is HERE.

I also had a couple of pieces in Tuesday's paper.

One is about Secretary of State Mary Herrera saying she won't personally appear in public service announcements -- a practice that has brought criticism for her predecessor Rebecca Vigil-Giron and others. (Click HERE).

The other is about state Dem Chairman Brian Colon saying he'll investigate why the voter rolls used in the recent state Democratic Caucus had so many omissions and errors. That one is HERE.

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