Thursday, February 21, 2008


Granted, the state Democratic Party, in the wake of the NM Caucus fiasco, has bigger problems to worry about.

But here's another one.

Apparently on Tuesday afternoon the party sent a news release about Laura Sanchez stepping down as executive director.

The news was posted on a couple of blogs. But the release was not sent to The New Mexican, nor to the Associated Press. I can't speak for The Albuquerque Journal, but seeing that they didn't have the story until today, I'm assuming they didn't get the release on Tuesday either.

I probably spend too much time reading blogs at work, but because I was working on two stories Tuesday afternoon, I neglected my Internet patrol.

I spoke to new interim executive director Josh Geise yesterday. He wasn't sure what the problem was but assured me we'll be on the list for future news releases.

That's a start.

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