Thursday, February 28, 2008


Gov. Bill Richardson, as a presidential candidate, had a joke I heard him tell at least a couple of times in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Talking about international summits, Richardson would quip, something to the effect of that world leaders would always come out of sessions and say, "we have just had a very productive meeting." To which candidate Richardson would add, "By the way, I’ve been in those meetings. When diplomats say they had a productive meeting it, means it didn't go very well."

The line always got lots of laughs.

A few minutes ago I received this e-mail from the Governor's Office following his session with state Senate leaders:

“We had a productive meeting and agreed to wait until this summer to hold a special session,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “We also agreed to form bipartisan, executive-legislative working groups that will develop consensus on all of the key areas of a universal health coverage plan.

“We all want a productive special session that results in affordable access to health care,” Governor Richardson said.

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