Monday, December 08, 2008


Gov. Bill Richardson will be attending a Georgetown fundraiser to help retire his $150,000 presidential campaign debt, The Politico is reporting.

According to Politico, the fundraiser is being hosted by William A.K. Titleman and his wife, Maria. The couple have helped raise funds for Richardson’s campaign last year but also donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign. William Titleman also raised money for group that aired ads earlier this year in primary states harshly criticizing Barack Obama. Obama this month nominated Richardson as his Commerce secretary.

The invitation, according to The Politico lists several hosts, including Nelson Cunningham, Managing Partner of Kissinger McLarty Associates, where Richardson used to work; Andy Athy, a lobbyist for Viacom, DirecTV, U.S. Steel and Lehman Brothers, and Mike Stratton, a veteran political strategist who worked on Richardson's presidential campaign and is now works with the DCI Group, lobbyist firm.

The Politico reported that source close to Richardson said the event was planned "well-before" Richardson's appointment.

Richardson's remaining campaign debt, according to The Associated Press, is for the use of private jets belonging to The Branch law firm, state Highway Commissioner Johnny Cope and Congressman elect Harry Teague.

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