Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Actually I'm a couple of days late.

Dec. 28 was the fifth anniversary of this here blog. Yes, I started this mess with this post

Please, in lieu of champagne, just donate to your favorite charity.

But seriously, as this blog goes into its sixth year, there's going to be a major change.
Richardson goes to the new blog
Beginning on Jan. 1, I'll be launching a blog dedicated to state politics -- and sometimes national politics when New Mexico is affected. Roundhouse Roundup: The Blog will be the new home of my weekly column by that name as well as other political observations, insights, wisecracks and links to my newspaper stories and other noteworthy sites. For the past several years I've done a Legislature blog. The new blog will be where I do that from now on.

You might already have noticed the altered title here on this site. This joint is going to remain the home of Terrell's Tuneup, the play lists for my KSFR radio shows, my podcasts, my monthly eMusic download reviews, my rants against the music industry, my love letters to former New Mexico Music Commissioner Tony Orlando, etc.
Tony stays here.
I haven't done any demographic studies of my readership or anything, but I'm pretty sure there's two major factions -- political junkies and music freaks. I know the two groups do intersect to some degree. For you folks, you can just open this blog in one tab and the political blog in another and toggle fiercely between the two.

I'll announce the link to the new blog on New Year's Day.

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