Sunday, May 17, 2009


This morning, while selecting some gospel tunes for, I stumbled across a moving little tune, "Been in the Storm Too Long" by Tommy Ellison.

Googling the artist, I found a nice little Web site called Just Moving On, which is dedicated to gospel sounds of the '70s. It's well worth checking out. (I also learned Ellison died on Jan. 3.)

There I came upon a link for a WFMU radio show called Sinner's Crossroads with Kevin Nutt, which he describes as "Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery."

I've been listening to his most recent (May 14) podcast since, and it's wonderful. If you like the kind of music I did on my gospel podcast a couple of months ago  (and the kind of gospel I play on my own radio shows sometimes and my Sunday blips) check out Sinner's Crossroads

Meanwhile, here's that Tommy Ellison song:

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