Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sunday, June 14, 2009
KSFR, Santa Fe, N.M.
10 p.m. to midnight Sundays Mountain Time
Host: Steve Terrell
with Special Co-host Tom Trusnovic
101.1 FM
email me during the show!

(Inebriated, uh, I mean abbreviated show tonight. First hour pre-empted by special Thirsty Ear Festival broadcast.)

OPENING THEME: Let it Out (Let it All Hang Out) by The Hombres
Make Up by Monkeyshines
I'm Fried by The Stooges
You Got it All ... Wrong by The Hives
Cave Girl by The Tex Reys
King Kong & Frankenstein by Monkeyshines
Black Cat Bone by Monkeyshines
Devil Inside by Rev. Beat-Man
Big Game Hunter by Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers
Last Lost Fight by New Bomb Turks
Be My Queen by The Chantelles

Get Your Kicks on Route 666 by 27 Devils Joking
Going Away Baby by Grains of Sand
Caca de Vaca by Joe "King" Carrasco
Digging Up My Date by The Blood-Drained Cows
Crackhead Joe by Little Freddy King
What You Want by The Floors
CLOSING THEME: Over the Rainbow by Jerry Lee Lewis

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