Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Thanks to a Twitter pal (was that you, T. Tex?) I stumbled across this loathsome tale of music industry weaselry.

It's a blog post by Tim Quirk lead singer of long defunct band Too Much Joy. (I've played songs like "King of Beers," "Long Haired Guys From England" and of course their wonderful cover of "Seasons in the Sun" for years on Terrell's Sound World -- and I saw them live once at South by Southwest circa 1995).

Anywho, Tim dissects his royalty statement from Warner Brothers and makes a pretty good case that it's, well, not that accurate.

... I am conflicted about whether I am actually being a petty jerk by pursuing this, or whether labels just thrive on making fools like me feel like petty jerks. People in the record industry are very good at making bands believe they deserve the hundreds of thousands (or sometimes millions) of dollars labels advance the musicians when they’re first signed, and even better at convincing those same musicians it’s the bands’ fault when those advances aren’t recouped ...

Read the whole thing HERE.

Meanwhile, here's a little Too Much Joy:

(And to learn about Too Much Joy's bizarre relationship with Newt Gingrich CLICK HERE.)

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