Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Santa Fe musician/artist/barroom philosopher Terry Allen is one of six New Mexicans to be awarded a $50,000 fellowship from United States Artists, the state Department of Cultural Affairs announced today.
Allen, originally from Lubbock, Texas, is responsible for albums including Lubbock on Everything, Juarez, Human Remains, and The Silent Majority. Needless to say he's a Santa Fe Opry favorite. I did a profile of him (along with The Handsome Family and Joe West) in New Mexico Magazine a few years ago. A version of that can be found HERE. (Scroll down quite a ways.)

The others from this state to be awarded were musician Rahim AlHaj of Albuquerque; author Antonya Nelson of Las Cruces; glass artist Mary Shaffer of Taos; and the team of Delores Garcia and Emma Mitchell of San Fidel, who learned the craft of pottery from their mother Lucy Lewis of Acoma Pueblo.

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