Monday, December 03, 2012

What Kind of Message Does This Send to the Children?

Mr. Turner
You might know Gregg Turner as a former Angry Samoan, a Roky Erikson accolade and a writer of crazy songs about chupacabras and hantavirus.

But he also loves kids and has two beautiful little girls of his own. Turner got bent out of shape when he heard about the financial woes of the Santa Fe Children's Museum, so he organized a benefit headlined by Santa Fe favorite Jono Manson, who, like me, has the weird distinction of singing at Turner's wedding many years ago.

Jono Manson (Peter Williams in the background)
Also on the bill are Turner himself -- aided by autoharp maniac Billy Miller, and Art of Flying from Taos. Also I'll make one of my periodic comical attempts to play a couple of songs.

The show is 7:30 pm Friday Dec. 7 at The Gig Performance Space, 1808 Second Street. Admission is $10 (cheap) and it's going to help save the Children's Museum.

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