Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Robert Plant Likes Junior Brown

Indulge me in a little name-dropping, but I just got a call this morning from my old high-school buddy Jamie Brown, better known as Junior Brown.

One thing he mentioned is that Robert Plant recently sung his praises in The Washington Post.

I checked it out and he's right. Talking about living in Austin, Texas, Plant said:

“It’s fantastically stimulating. And it attracts all kinds of genres of music, which is really good. So you can go to the Long Center [for the Performing Arts] and hear the opening of a great classical season – just stunning! – and then go around the corner and hear Junior Brown, who is stunning in his own way, too.
Brown plays at the Continental Club every Sunday night -- though he said that drive back to his home in Oklahoma every week gets pretty old.

Check out JB's new EP, Volume 10 . Meanwhile, here's some classic Junior at the Grand Old Opry:

UPDATE: 3:25 pm I should have mentioned, that drummer is Santa Fe's own Pete Amaral!


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Well deserved praise, and a pretty good name drop in my opinion

  2. A true original, thanks for postin'!


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