Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'll Be Playing Some Songs at Julesworks Follies

For reasons best known to Stephen Jules Rubin, I've been asked to play some tunes at the Julesworks Follies, a monthly variety show taking place at the Aztec Cafe, 7 pm Saturday Night. It's one of my increasingly rare musical performances, so come check it out.

According to the event's Facebook page, the show will feature  The Julesworks Monty Python Recreation Brigade Squadron Posse UnDead Frog will perform the Python sketch of the Australian Bruces with the sing-a-long "Philosopher’s Song." Also you'll see their first attempt at the famous scene from Monty Python and The Meaning of Life of the man who exploded after eating too much in the restaurant.

From the comedy Airplane! there will be reenactments of the cockpit scenes and "a very special presentation of the famed `Jive Brothers'.” The cast for these homage rip offs includes Rubin, Stephen Rommel, Leticia Cortez and Tom Sibley.

Other returning performers are: author Leticia Cortez, storyteller Patrick Chavez and bellydancer extradionaire Chandler Rhinehart. Amy Johnson promises to offer a surprise 3 minute set. (Oops. Guess it's not a surprise now.)

And, yes, there will be puppets!  Daryl Wellington and his new puppet troupe “Sun Pulling Freak Puppet Theater” will present their “Puppet Therapy." (Hope my dressing room is bigger than the one for the puppets.)

And of course, Henry the Horse dances the waltz.

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