Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Happy Birthday, Gilda!

Gilda as Candy Slice
Gilda Radner would have been 70 years old yesterday. Unfortunately, she died of ovarian cancer in 1989 before she turned 43.

An original member of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players in the early years of Saturday Night Live in the mid to early '70s, she was best known for her characters  Roseanne Roseannadana, Emily Litella and Baba Wawa.

But she also did some wonderful comical music. Here are three songs to remember her by.

Let's start with a sweet, childlike ditty from her 1979 one-woman show on Broadway, “Gilda Radner: Live from New York”

Here she is paying tribute to the girl-group era as Rhonda Weiss (with The Rhondettes)

And here she is as punk-rock queen Candy Slice

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