Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Cool and Crazy Music from Around the Globe

Once again, let's go around the world in a daze with some wild and wacky tunes from foreign lands.

Let's begin with  Van Anh, a Vietnamese dan bau artist, playing "Ghost Riders in the Sky." (A dan bau player named Van Anh Vo is scheduled to play this year's Globalquerue on Sept. 24. However, Neal Copperman, one of the head honchos of this wonderful event says he thinks it's a different Van Anh.)

It's a wonderful night for a Romanian bear dance

A few years ago, my daughter, sent me this video of Kali Bahlu singing "Cosmic Telephone Call." It must be a Buddhist version of the old gospel classic "Jesus on the Mainline."

The late Jovica Petković was a revered accordion player from Sarajevo. I'm not sure why he and most of his audience are in their underwear. Must be some quaint Baltic custom.


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