Thursday, December 21, 2017


Turner & me at Whoo's Donuts, August 2017.
Photo by Kristina Pardue

This Saturday, Gregg Turner and his usual gang of weirdos -- including me -- will be playing one of our fun-filled music spectaculars at Santa Fe's number one secret music venue, Whoo's Donuts.

Turner, a founding member of The Angry Samoans will be backed up by his band of lovelies, singer Kristina Pardue and bassist Sarah Meadows.

I'm one of the "special guests," so I'll be doing a couple of the songs that made us all fall in love.
And rumor has it that the one and only Joe West is threatening to show up.

The show starts at 11:30 am Saturday, Dec. 23 at Whoo's, 851 Cerrillos Road. Come on down have some coffee and a fresh-baked pastry and let us entertain you.

Kristina, Sarah and Turner.
Photo by swt

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