Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here is the latest on the 3rd Congressional race.

Basically Sheriff Greg Solano is out, Benny Shendo is working his last week as secretary of Indian Affairs and next week will formally announce his entry into the Demo primary, harry Montoya is formally announcing this week and Republican Marco Gonzales -- former staffer of Sen. Pete Domenici and lifelong cousin of former County Commissioner Javier Gonzales, a Democrat who was considering running for CD 3 -- will run in the Republican CD 3 primary.

Solano has some interesting thoughts on the race -- mainly that it all could be decided by a few hundred people at the pre-primary convention in March before voters can even cast a ballot.

Referring to the convention, Solano wrote last week in his campaign blog:

"The majority are your county and local elected officials, those that are not elected officials are those who work to get those elected officials in office. All of these people go to the legislature at some point and time to get things passed or obtain capital funds for their local jurisdictions.

"In no way am I alleging arm twisting or back room deals, however, how many are likely to donate money, outwardly support a candidate, or give their very important delegate vote to anyone who opposes the son of the speaker of the house (?)"

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