Sunday, April 19, 2009



Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Tinariwen, a bunch of Tuareg tribesmen with traditional garb and electric guitars from Saharan Mali. Their only drum is a conga-like derbouka. But believe me, they rock -- in a hypnotic kinda way.

Four of the six members (excluding the electric bassist the derbouka man) and take turn singing and playing guitars, so there's lots of variety. I don't know his name, but the guy in the gold robe, (pictured above with turquoise-colored guitar) was a crazy guitarists. His tunes were the best.

Of course, I didn't understand a word they sang. But according to the All Music Guide, Tinariwen's music has been banned in Mali and Algeria, so they must be saying something important.

One disappointing thing was that the group's leader Ibrahim Ag Alhabid wasn't there. I understand he wasn't there last time the group was in town. Is Ibrahim the Brian Wilson of Tinariwen?

No matter, this band was super.Tinariwen

And hey, I just learned that all three of their albums are on eMusic, including the one I didn't have! CLICK HERE

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