Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wanna scare the wits out of the kiddies when they come to your door tonight? Wanna make any Halloween party more swingin'? The check out any or all of these podcasts.

* From scary old England comes Mr. A. the Barber with his You've Got Good Taste Halloween episode. And if you like that, check out the previous YGGT episode called House of Horrors.
Halloween Spooks 2009
* Over in The Netherlands check out the latest episode (#116) of Dirty Rides on a Rock 'n' Roll Rampage. It's Zanne's Halloween show.

* Meanwhile, back at Spahn Ranch, there's lots of Halloween fun at Radio Free Bakersfield. On Episode 154 Whore Hay is joined by Baron Shivers & Necrobella of The Ghastly Ones for an extra spooky episode.

* And the lovely Angel Baby has not one but two Halloween shows: "Monsters Have Problems Too" (on her Between the Sheets program) and "Boogie Woogie Machine" (from her Lost in Paradise podcast.)

* Over at, it's always Halloween at Uncle Yah-Yah's Haunted Shack Theater. But he's got a brand new Halloween episode that'll make you want to X-ray your candy.

* The new Mystery Action show is sprinkled it with Halloween-ish songs host Charles Gaskins says.

* And Mal Thursday has updated and expanded his Halloween podcast from a couple of years ago. You'll find that HERE.
Halloween Spooks 2009
And don't forget my own tacky Spooktaculars!

My latest is RIGHT HERE

And my previous Halloween podcast is HERE

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