Thursday, June 09, 2011

Upcoming Santa Fe Music Gigs Worth Your While

Lotsa cool music coming up in Santa Fe this month.

This weekend is the 12th Annual Thirsty Ear Festival, now relocated to various spots around now, but mostly at the venue formerly known as the Santa Fe Brewing Company, now called Santa Fe Sol. I'm especially looking forward to Calexico Saturday night at Sol. It'll also be cool to see Cederic Burnside's band. I haven't seen him since the last time he was through town drumming with his late grandpappy, R.L. Burnside.

Also worth noting is a cool punk/garage show coming to The Underground (The basement of Evangelos') on Friday June 24 featuring The Hickoids, The Blood-Drained Cows and Manby's Head. Hometown boy Tom Trusnovic will be drumming for The Hickoids, whose latest album I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. (He's also drummer for BDCs).

In the meantime, here's a couple of videos from The Imperial Rooster, who are playing right before Calexico Saturday at  Thirsty Ear. These are songs doing songs from their new album Decent People. They did these for the prestigious Couch by Couchwest , which Rooster drummer Dusty Vinyl said was "was a Twitter joke about bands who couldn't make it to SXSW ..." It was recorded on the porch at International Imperial Rooster Corporation Headquarters, which apparently is near a very busy highway.

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